teri galliyaan

know that she is praying but its trapped inside



Don’t grieve my dear,
if Allah has separated you
from the person you
thought too much about.

Surely He just wanted
to save you from heartache
and turn you to Him.

To the True source
of Happiness.

To Al-Mani,
The Preventer of harm.

I pray you’re written for me.


thirlings usman died? what the hell?!? how can they kill him!!! he was the best character man that’s so stupid. bi officially sucks -___- and yess lmao you so should’ve!

dilkiduaayein exactly, he’s died so basically the show is dead aswell. even whilst he was in that coma the show was going downhill. how does a man even go into a coma because he got stuck in a lift and then die bc whilst he was in his coma he saw his wife and son going into jail? even a 10 year old can probably come up with something better. oh well i’m going to watch ek haseena thi instead which is more realistic than beintehaa


chicken is varun’s bae like we said ahaha thirlings

dilkiduaayein yess, chicken is his first priority rofl. but if he marries a chicken then it wouldn’t last long bc he’d eat it. the relationship would be shorter than when aishwarya got married to that tree lmao

"Sometimes I see a photo of a room I’ve never been in, or of a street corner I’ve never seen, or of a person I’ve never met, and somehow they seem familiar. Like distant memories from a past life. And then I realize - that image, that moment someone captured is exactly what I imagined when I was reading one of the books I love, the ones I can seamlessly disappear into. And the realization is filled with wonder, awe almost - Would the author recognize this person as their hero, as a manifestation of their thoughts - is that why the photographer took the photo? Could it be, that in this vast universe three minds were united for the briefest moment - a click of the camera shutter.
Wouldn’t that be magical?"

changing icons is so stressful

"Don’t let a hard lesson harden your heart."


calling people on the phone is more stressful than open heart surgery